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FireFire is another of those forms which contains more sub-categories than you can shake a stick at.

If you think that fire performance is just about fire-breathing and fire-eating, you’ve got another thing coming. What about fire poi, angle-grinding, fire fans, body burning, fire whip, among many many others?

To navigate the array of options you have for fire performance, ask yourself what appeals to you about fire performance. Is it the daredevil side of fire performance? Is it an aesthetic choice or thematic choice ? Are you looking for a sideshow/extreme approach to fire? Give us a call and tell us about your event – we’ll help you find the right style for your event.

Fire performers work in troupes as well as solo, so if you’re aiming for an awestruck audience, you may want to consider a choreographed fire routine. Some of our talented performers have even developed acts which include pyrotechnics if you’re looking for a show-stopping climax to your evening…

Pssst Industry Secret…

If your venue doesn’t allow fire, ask about angle grinding, which is not as risky for venues. If you can’t have either, then glow performance  is the way forward for you.


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